About Us

We at Excellence Infocom, offer operational consulting with IT services, resulting into enriched business solutions. Excellence Infocom is fully owned subsidiary of NY Based Homecare Software Solutions LLC. Our exclusively crafted business solutions aim towards improved sales, reduced costs, minimization of daily tasks and thereby, increased profits and customer satisfaction.

We offer consultation on “Information Management” to organizations which are looking for in-depth analysis of data, streamlined processes and increased profits. “Information Management” includes evaluation, measurement and improvisation of process outcomes which underwrite the success of the business.

Our Approach - A knowledge blend of business processes and technical expertise

With a two way approach of amalgamating our skills in implementing business processes and technical expertise as needed by the client, we provide solutions that fulfill the requirements of the clients and offer them a fool-proof, cost effective and efficient solution.

Our solutions serve as a connecting link between business owners and their vision. It also acts as a link between database administrators and software programmersOur business solutions comprise of Process Innovation, Technology and On-going support.